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Arrested for DUI

I have been arrested… I have been charged with a crime… I need a criminal defense attorney. Fast!

Do these thoughts seem familiar? If this sounds like you or a loved one, call me, Dan E Chambers, immediately. Time is critical at this point. You have rights, and as your criminal defense attorney I will be able to exercise those rights for you.

Post Bail FAST

Get DUI Lose Your License I work with two bail bond companies, both of whom have been in business for over 40 years. They work 24 hours a day and know how the system works, inside and out. Like me, they fully understand that no case is too big or too small if you are in custody. With our help, you will get out quickly at a small fraction of your stated bail amount.

Start Building Your Defense NOW

Even if you are not currently in custody, time is still of the essence. There are things I can do for you prior to the filing of the case, and prior to your first court appearance, to help you achieve a very favorable result.

For example, we may want to hire an investigator to examine the alleged crime scene, to talk to, or to find potential witnesses, and I may want to talk to the police or prosecutor. As a former prosecutor myself, I still have relationships with prosecutors and have credibility with them. Sometimes, my early and aggressive intervention on your case can result in a decision not to charge you, to file reduced charges, or to provide a favorable and quick resolution.

Once we meet, I will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case and begin to get your legal matter under control. This is time for level-headed thinking and calm under fire. Call as soon as you learn you are in legal trouble. I will begin the steps that are needed immediately. The legal clock in criminal matters ticks very quickly.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Trust

From the moment I take your case, you will deal with me, and only me. I will not turn you over to a junior attorney or make you go through layers of receptionists, secretaries, voice mail systems and other gatekeepers in order to talk to me. Every client has my cell phone number and my undivided attention when discussing his or her case. Put your trust in me today to handle your matter with the care and attention it deserves—I understand that for you, your case is the most important thing in your life and I will treat it as such.